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<< Back Shagang developed high added value products by themselves.
During January to September, Shagang exported 4.696mn tons of high-quality steel, earning 17.13bn yuan ($2.58bn). 24 profitable products with high-tech have been self-developed.
At present, Shagang has made mass production of MR-T-2.5CA, the corrosion resistant tin plates, B500C (BS) series of seismic- proof rebars, GX006 for steel fiber, Q500qE bridge plates, 510L pickling plates for automobile frame, BP-MR-T5S chrome plated substrate with high strength for crown cap and other high-end varieties. Shagang self-developed hot-rolled pipeline steel for X80 1422 mm x 21.4 mm SAWL pipe, certified by China National Petroleum Corporation. The successful development of 630E seismic-proof rod with the highest strength has made Shagang the only domestic mill capable of producing it. So far, Shagang’s products of high added value have taken up more than 50% in its total sales.
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