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<< Back Ultra high strength automobile sheet HC820/1180DP was successfully produced by Shougang.
HC820/1180DP, the cold forming automobile sheet with the highest strength was successfully produced by Shougang, marking the mill to be one of the few suppliers of ultra high strength automobile sheet with strength exceeding KMPa.
The demand for ultra high strength auto sheet with good formability is increasing year by year in domestic automobile industry, but the sheet with 1000MPa and above still needs to be imported. Since this year, Shougang’s high strength auto sheet research team, led by Dr. Kuang Shuang, chief expert, has developed a new HC820/1180DP dual phase steel, with orders from the joint ventures set up by world famous auto enterprises in China. Shougang’s goal is to substitute self-developed sheets for the European imports. The actual yield strength and tensile strength of experiment material can reach 1000MPa and 1300MPa respectively. The technicians have further optimized the temperature control model, sheet cleanliness and furnace atmosphere, effectively ensuring the sheet’s performance, shape precision and surface finish. The successful development of HC820/1180DP has laid a solid foundation for Shougang to improve branding of its ultra high strength auto sheet.
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