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<< Back High heat input welding plate was developed by HBIS.
On October 30th, high heat input welding plate self-developed by HBIS was certified by ABS, CCS, NOV, BV, TUV and DNL. The maximum size certified was 100mm in thickness with the maximum heat input of 300kJ/cm, marking HBIS’s technology in this field has stood out nationwide.
Approvals from 6 classification societies have accelerated the promotion of high heat input welding plate applicable to hull and offshore oil platform, lowering the cost and improving the efficiency of large carriers and offshore oil platform.. Use of high heat input welding plate needs the most advanced welding technology in international advanced shipyards and marine manufacturing plants, which can reduce welding passes and improve operation efficiency. Building a 100,000 ton ship can be completed 3 months ahead of schedule if the plates are used. In China, only a few shipyards have mastered and used this advanced welding technology. Up to now, HBIS has supplied a total of more than 10 ,000 tons of the plates to the most advanced polar icebreakers and polar condensate ships, dominating 100% of the domestic market.
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