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<< Back The steel shell for battery cell of new energy vehicles was developed by Ningbo Steel.
The steel shell for Model 32650 new cylindrical battery cell of new energy vehicles developed by Ningbo Steel was unveiled with high recognition from the industry.
The production process of the battery cell shell steel is complex, with stringent requirements for the purity of molten steel, microstructure, good molding performance, dimensional precision and surface quality. The most difficult requirement for the surface quality is that both sides must meet the standard of auto O5 plate through complete removal of micro inclusions. Only 4 steel mills worldwide can currently produce and supply this steel.
Ningbo Steel strictly control the tapping temperature, the temperature drop during tapping, the oxygen content in molten steel, harmful elements on dozens of PPM basis and all other fluctuations in the production process.
The first cold rolled coil for battery cell shell has been successfully off the line with the plastic strain ratio reaching the level of ultra deep drawing IF steel. Ningbo Steel will continue to upgrade the product for new high-speed punch and all-electric vehicle, making it the key parts supplier in this field with a larger market share.
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