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<< Back Shanghai free trade port will be built in the future.
Shanghai has submitted the proposal for the construction of free trade port to the relevant state ministries and commissions for approval. Compared with the free trade zone, free trade port is expected to cancel or simplify, in the greatest degree, trade control measures of imported goods, and adopt the overall supervision strategy of "outside the customs while within the boundary", striving for the orientation of offshore trade and finance. Entrepot trade won’t be restricted without declaration or duty unpaid. In addition, the international financial leasing and other offshore business will also give Shanghai free trade port an edge.
Shanghai Yangshan Deepwater Port will be the world’s busiest port by then. Steel CLIK supplied a complete set of 4650mt crane rails superior in quality of European origin, together with clips and pads from Gantrex of Belgium for the construction of this port (Phase IV). Let’s hope for better for Yangshan Port Phase V.
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