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<< Back Hebei Jinye Group has launched the 3D printing project successfully.
The 3D printing project with a total investment of 2.34 billion yuan ($353.1mn) launched by Hebei Jinye Group has been successfully put into production and printed out aerospace parts and components. The project covers high-performance metal powder for 3D printing, laser cladding remanufacturing production line, additive manufacturing technology development center and high-performance metal powder shaping products. Hebei Jinye Group produces high strength steel and is China’s largest rebar production base as well.
The annual output of the project include 20,000 tons of high temperature and reactive metal powder, 600 tons of laser cladding materials and 30 tons of 3D printed aviation materials. Metal 3D printing products can be widely used in aerospace, automobile manufacturing, medical care, mold, etc., which will reap sales revenue of 5 billion yuan ($755mn) to improve the competitiveness of the company.
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