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<< Back Fujian Tsing Tuo Group's stainless steel high-speed wire rod are underway.
Fujian Tsing Tuo Group's stainless steel high-speed wire rod and section production lines are underway with a total investment of 1.68015 billion yuan($253.12mn). The investment just in environmental protection facilities is up to 36.49 million yuan($5.5mn). The whole construction period being 2-3 years, Phase I of the project is planned for an annual 300,000-ton stainless steel high speed wire rod line and a 400,000 tons of small and medium size section line; Phase II will be a high speed special steel line with an annual output of 300,000 tons. The main grades include 201, 202, 304 and 316.
1 million tons of billets in need will be produced from the new mill of which environmental impact assessment is ongoing. The continuous casting workshop is close to the heating furnace, thus the billets produced can be directly supplied to the new line. The blast furnace gas for the heating furnace is supplied from the 500,000-tonned nickel chromium alloy plant self-owned by Tsing Tuo.
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