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<< Back 40CrH-LG steel for automotive engine has been developed by Handan Steel.
40CrH-LG, an advanced steel for automotive engine has been developed by Handan Steel and gone through phases of tests. The technical indexes and performance of the finished product are superior to those with the original steel used. 40CrH-LG is made for the National V engine (equivalent to Euro 5 standards).
To explore the automotive engine market, Handan Steel has, based on 40Cr steel, endeavored to solove technical difficulties coving control of the surface decarburization layer, hardenability narrow bandwidth (NBW) and harmless treatment of inclusions, thus obtaining wide recognition from customers with excellent quality and sincere service.
The successful development of 40CrH-LG steel for automotive engine is Handan Steel’s breakthrough in the field of automotive special steel. High cleanliness and good adaptability have been achieved and secured Handan Steel’s supply of more than 300 tons to this customer.
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