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<< Back Sales of China's 11 main bulldozer manufacturers.

With increasing momentum in the construction machinery, a total of 3614 bulldozers were sold from Jan to Jul in 2017, compared with 2640 units in 2016, up by 36.89% YOY.
In July, Shantui sold 217 bulldozers, accounting for 62.90% of the total sales volume; Xuangong and Shangong ranked in the second and third, selling 42 and 25 units respectively.
From Jan to Jul, Shantui sold 2669 bulldozers with a market share of 73.89%, followed by Xuangong, Liugong, Shangong and Yishan.

2323 units of 160 horsepower mode were sold as the main type from Jan to Jul, taking up 64.28% of the total sales volume; 220 horsepower mode shared 16.85% with 609 units sold. 

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