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CLIK is an integrated industry group with in-house facilities in steel rolling, forging, heat treatment, machining and assembling.   CLIK manufactures and supplies a wide range of products including Q&T plates, wear plates, ballistic steel, crane rails and accessories, electrical steel, band-saw strip and lubricated tracks for mining dozers typical for CAT D8-D11 & Komatsu D155,D275-D475.
Our products and services have witnessed our important role in a number of world-class projects and customers including:
✔  Bulldozer SD90 developed with Shantui– the largest dozers maker worldwide. CLIK supplied critical parts including finished track shoes up to 318mm pitch for undercarriage. Our lubricated tracks are also wide used by mines in India, China, Canada, etc.
✔  YAMAL Project – the world's largest LNG project located in Russia. CLIK supplied over 3,600mt hollow sections & beams with Charpy impact level reaching 127J at -50℃.
✔  Shanghai Yangshan Deepwater Port Phase IV - the world's busiest port. CLIK supplied a complete set of 4650mt crane rails superior in quality of European origin, together with clips and pads from Gantrex of Belgium.
✔ ZPMC- the largest port crane manufacturer with over 75% market share in the world. CLIK is the leading supplier to ZPMC especially with QT plates, sections, and crane rails.  
CLIK also serves actively a range of other industries including offshore, shipbuilding, automotive, defense, etc. Our mission is to provide products and solutions for projects, to help you reduce the time spent in sourcing products and to eliminate unnecessary processes, adding value ultimately to your business. 
Certified with ISO9001, CLIK has been doing our utmost to ensure the products superior in quality, every time!

CLIK Undercarriage Manufacturing (Ningbo) Limited
  • Supply range: 216-317.5mm pitch Sealed And Lubricated Track Group (SALT) with Positive Pin Retention (PPR) for a 50% longer life! Applicable machines: Caterpillar D8-D11, Komatsu D155-D475, etc.
  • Providing a wide variety of track shoes fully hardened and tempered for tough working conditions with longer life expectancy. 
    Advantage of CLIK lubricated tracks

  • Forged track links with certified hardenability based on OEM specification
  • Fully quenched & tempered track links for tough and strong core hardness
  • Induction hardened at the rail surface of track links
  • Carburizing for bushings under high temperature
  • Pins are deep hardened for best resistance to wear and fatigue
  • Qualified seals made in Europe
  • Branded oil ensure extreme working temperature: -50℃-180℃  
  • PPR structure for D9 to D11 track link assembly
  • Offering solution to your undercarriage and assemblies. 
  • Supplying bespoke sizes and grades of track shoes, wheels, links and spare parts of undercarriage.

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