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Due to the complex and harsh working conditions, mining equipment usually has more stringent requirements for the performance and service life of the chassis system.
Taking the mining D11 crawler bulldozer as an example, it requires large traction, good adhesion, small ground pressure ratio and strong climbing ability.
Based on our years of analysis and industry experience, we have found that the malfunctions of the track assembly are mainly due to the wear of the grousers, failure of the sprocket to gear into the chains, the increase in the total length of the chains, the reduction in the tension as well as the  runout of the track assembly.
In order to overcome these difficulties, we apply single grouser track shoe sections with thicker webs, higher and wider groovings to the chain plates. We strictly control the machining accuracy and heat treatment to ensure the close assembly, strength and resistance. In terms of chain links, we insist on using 35CrMnB steel with better performance to ensure the mechanical properties, preventing the plastic elongation. We inject oil between the pins and pin bushes to form oil film protection, reducing the friction and wear between metals. The frequency of overhaul is reduced as a result. 

The quality and performance of our products have been highly recognized by overseas miners.

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