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Sealed and Lubricated Dozer Chains

Sealed and Lubricated Dozer Chains
Sealed and lubricated dozer chains/PPR structure/track link assy (assembly) /undercarriage chains
We are committed to providing qualified track chains with PPR structure according to OEM specifications.
Our full range of chains is well-proven in various industries (mining, forestry, quarry, construction, and agriculture, etc.) and available to fit all brands & models of excavators and clawer machines.
All components (pins, bushings and forged links) are produced with precise tolerance to ensure joint integrity, perfect fit and sealing. Meanwhile, they are fully quenched & tempered and induction hardened at the rail surface of links for higher wear resistance and longer service life.
Our lubricated dozer links are filled by oil to reduce internal friction and wear between pins and bushings for extended wear life under extreme working conditions. Every joint goes through stress test to reduce the risk of leakage while operating. The service life is improved by 30%-50% compared with that of greased type.
We can supply customized chains upon request such as heavy duty and extended wear life (EWL) chains with bigger bushings with deeper carburized layer and higher links for maximum service life.

Advantages of CLIK lubricated tracks:

• Forged track links with certified hardenability based on OEM specification
• Fully quenched & tempered track links for tough and strong core hardness
• Induction hardened at the rail surface of track links
• Carburizing for bushings under high temperature
• Pins are deep hardened for best resistance to wear and fatigue
• Qualified seals made in Europe
• Branded oil ensure extreme working temperature: -50℃-180℃
• PPR structure for D9 to D11 track link assembly

Typical Brands & Models:
Caterpillar(D11/D10/D9/D8),Komatsu(D475/D375/D355/D275/D155), Hitachi, Daewoo, Doosan, John Deere, Kobelco, Hyundai, Liebherr, Sumitomo, Volvo, etc.

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