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Double Grouser Track Shoes

Double Grouser Track Shoes
Main Technical Data of Track Shoes
(Loader-double Grouser Shoes)
double grouser track shoes Hardness
(Fully Quenched)
S/N Specification Linear Weight
Main Dimensions (mm) Applicable Models
(For reference)
Link Pitch H L T
  CLIK2260T 66.4/68.7/80.6 260 50 302 19/20/25 PC1250,EX1200,PC650
  CLIK2260H 73.11/79.04 260 50 302 21/23.5
  CLIK2260B 71.9/8017 258.5 49.5 308 21/25
  CLIK2216B 48.27 216 49 251.0 15.5 E336,E345,E349,PC400-5
  CLIK2203A 40.09 203 42 235.0 14.5 E325BL,PC300-1
  CLIK2190A 33.04 190.5 35 217.0 13 E200B,E322BL
  CLIK2101 7.44/8.45 101 16.5 110 5.5/6 EX20,PC20,PC30,EX35

Double grouser track shoes/ Double bar shoes/ Loader shoes/Excavator shoes
Ideal for forestry, mining and quarry
1.   Good traction with less damage to ground surface
2.   Short spike with greater maneuverability
3.   Better penetration than triple type
4.   Mud hole to prevent material from packing in the chains
5.   Fully hardened and tempered to meet highest performance standards with drastically reduced wear
6.   One-stop solutions with a wide range of dimensions of link pitch up to 280mm.
7.   Bespoke sizes and grades to meet your special requirements from iron-making to steel-making

Typical Brands & Models:
Caterpillar, Komatsu (PC300/PC400/PC650/PC800/PC1250), Hitachi(ZX870/EX1200), Daewoo, Doosan, John Deere, Kobelco, Hyundai, Liebherr, Sumitomo, Volvo, etc.

Technical data:
Chain Pitch:                101-260 mm
Quenching treatment:  HRC42-49
Core hardness:            ≥HRC32 (From the top tooth 13 mm)
Painting:                     yellow paint with film thickness≥ 13 um
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