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Track Groups

Track Shoe Assembly Links Width/mm Link Pitch/mm Applicable Models
(For reference only)
CK260-RA-441611-01 44 610 260 Cat® D10
CK317-RC-411711-01 41 710 317.5 Cat® D11
CK228-RA-411561-01 41 560 228 Komatsu® D155
CK280-RB-401611L-01 40 610 280 Komatsu® D375
CK317-RB-411711L-01 41 710 317.5 Komatsu® D475

Track groups/SALT/PPR structure/track shoes assy (assembly)/track chain assemblies
We are committed to providing qualified track groups according to OEM specifications.
Our full range of track groups is well-proven in various industries (mining, forestry, quarry, construction, and agriculture, etc.) and available to fit all brands & models of excavators and clawer machines.
There are three main types of track groups widely used for different applications: dry type, sealed & greased type, sealed & lubricated type. The first dry type is rarely used in future. The sealed and greased type is widely used for excavators for its extended wear life, while the sealed and lubricated type is getting more popular and widely used for dozers for other demanding applications. Its service life is improved by 30%-50% compared with that of greased type. Track groups consist of components such as track shoes, track links, pins, bushings, etc. which are critical to the wear life of track groups. We adopt advanced machining process to ensure the precision tolerance of dimensions for perfect fit. Besides, induction hardening is made at the rail surface of links after quenching and tempering for excellent resistance to wear and fatigue.
We can supply customized track groups with PPR structure upon request with various designs of track shoes.
Typical Brands & Models:
Caterpillar (D11/D10/D9/D8), Komatsu (D475/D375/D355/D275/D155/PC1250), Hitachi(EX1200), Daewoo, Doosan, John Deere, Kobelco, Hyundai, Liebherr, Sumitomo, Volvo, etc.

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