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Q1: Do Clik Track Shoes have longer typical working life?

CLIK: YES. Thanks to our premium raw material suppliers (e.g. Tata Steel, ArcelorMittal and top Chinese mills), state-of-the-art heat treatment technique in terms of unique deeper quenching depth and precisely controlled temperature during tempering process as well, Clik Track Shoes secure longer working life than that of most cheap Chinese suppliers, and equal to that of Cat and Komatsu by feedback from our customers.

Q2: What is the typical lead time of CLIK Track Groups?


Requirement Lead Time
Bespoke 60-75 days after receiving 30% downpayment

Q3: What is the MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)?

CLIK: 50MT per size for track shoes. 1 piece for track group or track chains. You’re welcome to contact us for details.

Q4: Are customized sizes available?

CLIK: YES. Special sizes can be customized to meet your need. Contact us for details.

Q5: How to extend lifespan of your machine? 

1. Put in the back the engine while the machine walking on the jobsite to reduce load on the carrier roller.
2. Operating for 2 hours max in a row on the jobsite. If necessary, a short stop is recommended.
3. Steer away raised rocks or hard substances to avoid stress concentration on the chain. 
4. Tightness of track should be adjusted according to the ground conditions. Track must be tightened for soft and muddy grounds and loosened for rocky and hard ones. If the track is too tight, the bushing will wear and tear at an excessive rate. The track may come off if too loose.
5. Check from time to time if the track is packed with dirt or rock. Clean up on regular basis.
6. Make the track clean by keeping it idling to remove the mud inside after operating the machine in muddy conditions.
7. Going round in circles should be avoided.

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